Stimulate your brain - learn Serbian

One good thing about Serbian cases

We must admit – Serbian cases are not easy to learn and to get used to. You need to think all the time about the case you need to use while speaking. Combined with 3 genders, this can be really demanding and it can give you a headache at first. So, what can be good in that situation, you may wonder.

The good thing is – everyone who wants to learn Serbian cases - succeeds! And that feeling when you figure out what case you need to use, cannot be compared to any other! And then, over time, you will be able to use 2 cases in a sentence correctly. And then 3, or even more.

Seeing my students’ happy faces when they get it and start speaking with more confidence is one of the most rewarding things  for me as a teacher. I can feel their satisfaction and see how proud of themselves they are.Beside that, learning and using cases for people who don’t have that concept in their language stimulates their brains to think in a new way. And our brains need practice in order to stay fit, just like our bodies. So if you want to give your brain a new challenge – consider learning Serbian.

Do you have difficulties in mastering Serbian cases? Write a comment here and I will respond as soon as possible. Beside that, check out our Facebook page BSS – we will have open e-doors, when our English and Serbian teachers will answer all your questions about learning languages and Belgrade Summer School program.

By Jovana Deljanin, Teacher of Serbian as a foreign language