Ada Ciganlija - Sea of Belgrade

From isolated island to Sea of Belgrade

Once Ada Ciganlija was an isolated river island ("ada" in Serbian means island), however after connecting it with the right bank of the Sava River by two causeways in 1967, Ada became peninsula. Causeways created a lake 4.2 km long and about 200 m wide, with the depth between 4 and 6 meters. During 90s Ada Ciganlija was summer destination preferred by people who could not afford to go to the seaside. After that period Ada was given nickname the Sea of Belgrade. 
During summer, Ada Ciganlija becomes like a small city with daily population of more than 100,000 visitors (300,000 visitors during weekend) who come here to swim, run, play all kinds of sports or just enjoy hot summer afternoon while sipping cold drinks in cafes. In autumn and winter, Ada Ciganlija is mostly desolate, but beautiful promenade, flanked by cafes and nightclubs. Very often during winter lake freezes, but skating is not permitted because the ice sheet is to thin.

From Stonehenge to modern age

Upon reaching Ada Ciganlija, you might be caught with the sight in front of you. But don't worry, you were not transferred to Stonehenge against your will - you are looking at the stone constellation made by Belgrade artists.
If you still prefer modern age, you can transfer easily by visiting Science Park. In an interactive and amusing manner, you can find out more about various scientific phenomena from fields of physics, astronomy, chemistry and biology.

Sport and fun

During summer, Ada Ciganlija is the center of all sports activities in the city. You can find here facilities for almost every possible outdoor sport including basketball, football, volleyball (beach and regular), rock climbing, tennis and all this is free. All you need is to bring your equipment, balls, racquets and sports spirit. Also, there is an open-air trim park with 24 professional equipments and it’s free for use, as well. Lovers of cycling and rollerblading can use special prepared trails. If you do not have bicycle or rollerblades of your own, you can rent it at Ada (for bicycle 150 - 400 dinars per hour/day and 200-500 per hour/day for rollerblades). 

Those with adventurous spirit have opportunity to try bungee jumping (around 3,500 dinars), paintball (10 - 20 EUR per hour), experience skiing on simulator (1,600 dinars per class) or test their limits in Adventure Park (1,000 dinars).
People who prefer water sports can learn how to ski on water or swim in the lake, play aqua soccer or kayaking. In 2012, Ada Ciganlija officially received the prestigious international recognition Blue Flag, which confirms the highest quality of the water and safety of all swimmers.
Thanks to specially designed parks, visitor with children or people with disability can also enjoy full range of Ada experience. Kids can enjoy their time on Robinson's Island while watching theater shows or playing in a playground.
When a day is over and your energy is completely wasted, all you need is good relaxation. You can choose between a number of cafes that will very soon turn into hip nightclubs.
During wintertime, especially on those cold, but nice sunny afternoons, Ada is perfect for a short walk on fresh air or for skating in nearby skate ring.

For passionate fishermen only

Small lake Ada Safari, which is located on the northern tip of Ada Ciganlija, is exclusively reserved for fishermen. You can fish for one or several days, but must book a spot earlier. Since this area only allows sport fishing, the captured fish must be returned into the lake.

taken from: Belgradian