3 reasons to learn English in Belgrade

There is no doubt that a language school in English speaking countries offers an amazing experience. But the truth is, you can learn English all around the world. Here are the 3 reasons to come to Belgrade and learn English:

Affordable prices

Learning English in the Western countries, especially in English speaking ones, can be quite an expensive adventure. Therefore, a lot of people can’t afford it.
On the contrary, Belgrade offers not just affordable English courses, but also food and accomodation at amazing prices.

Of course, teaching quality can vary, but there are a lot of good and specialized English teachers here in Belgrade. Just make sure to check if your teacher has a degree and experience. 

Friendly English speaking people

Have you ever travelled to a developing country and realised that people don’t speak English well (or at all)?

Belgrade is the complete opposite of that. We watch TV shows and movies in English and consume English media in general. Because of that, a lot of people speak English, especially young population.

A lot of opportunities to speak English 

A lot of people who speak English plus friendly approach to foreigners equals a lot of opportunities to speak English.

Except that, there are a lot of events where people purposely come to speak a foreign language and improve their language skills in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

If you want to learn English during summer, we invite you to consider our Belgrade Summer School programme and to enjoy language, cultural and social activities with us.

Would you learn English in Belgrade?