The queen of Belgrade’s nightlife

Meet Savamala

Meet Savamala – the queen of Belgrade’s nightlife, the crowning jewel of fun outings and good time, filled up with good clubs, pubs, restaurants, and bars. It’s also a place where urban meets culture, and where casual fun can also have a humane character.

Savamala is one of the first Serbian neighborhoods, established in the 18th century. Its name is coined from the river Sava, and Turkish word “Mahala”, which means settlement. Today, it’s one of the Belgrade’s most popular nightspots, especially during the winter when “splavs”, floating river clubs aren’t open yet. So, let’s learn more about the famous Savamala residents.

Mikser House

Nothing relays, nay, screams the spirit of Savamala like Mikser House. It’s a collage of art, culture, charity, fun – it’s a market, café, club, restaurant, place for lectures, workshops, competitions, art shows, entertainment… The list goes on and on. Once an old warehouse, now a house of progressive cultural district, Mikser House is truly a mix of everything inspiring for a bustling city that never sleeps.
The program is so rich and diverse, and almost anything goes – dance parties, rock concerts, hip-hop, DJs, jazz nights, various live performances, charity events, crazy competitions like The Prettiest Beard in the City, and so much more.

Savin Mali

The literal translation of its name is Sava’s Little, and it’s quite aptly named – this little place is filled with love and good vibes! This is the place where something is always going on, where bartenders are your best mates – where having fun and good time is all that matters. It’s a casual spot with an awesome cocktail list, strong spirits and chilled beers.
Music is loud, beats are pumping and program varies: Fridays are usually reserved for club hits with Iyan Milles, on Saturdays you can jump all night to DJ Niggor’s mashup, and on Sundays it’s time to Rock ’n’ Roll. We suggest you ask for their special – a Jägermeister-blueberry cocktail. Sava’s Little gem may lack in square meters but it certainly makes up with soul, soaring spirits and rhythms that will make your feet beg you to stop moving!

Mladost / Ludost / Radost / Gadost

This place, or better said, these places are all separate pieces of puzzle that paint the big picture – there’s more than one way to party. The names translate to Youth, Folly, Joy and Nastiness and concrete, steel, and wood dominate all 4 of them.
Youth is a place for lovers of deep house and electro beats, Folly is intended for hedonists who love mainstream, the Nastiness is the newest addition to the party-hard scene, while Joy is described as a “Pizza cabaret and disco grill” with rich menu and great wine selection perfect for foodies. When the weather is warm, guests can also enjoy the garden and rich aromas of otherworldly tastes. All 4 areas are interconnected so guests can freely switch scenes as they please.


Monsun (Monsoon) is right around the corner. Vast concrete hall offers plenty of room for majestic parties, and the prices are quite affordable. Actually, this club is envisioned as a place where an average Joe could enjoy in great DJs, normal prices, awesome music and polite service. And so far, that’s exactly what Monsun is all about.
The space depicts an industrial minimalism, while music varies in genres, but it’s typically house, funky, jazzy, DnB, RnR, RnB… Knowing this, it makes perfect sense that the resident DJ is no other than Me-High-Low, a guy that invented the Mash Up or Shut Up concept where he creates a killer-beat collage that will certainly make you dance ‘til the morning.

Industrija Bar

Industrija (the Industry Bar) is also a small, somewhat hidden gem of Savamala that’s perfect for clubbing and cocktails. It has a majestic view on the Sava river, but then again, that’s probably not something one would notice while the party is raging inside. Music is mostly house, mainstream, RnB, and the space itself is well, just like the name says – industrial, and even somewhat urban and steampunk-y at the same time. This is a place where you can bust a move, shake what yo’ mama gave ya, drink and dance until you drop.

So, which one will you visit this weekend?