Serbia’s ”Mighty 5” National Parks

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to wander into the amazing world of the Serbian “Mount Athos”, the “Iron Gates of the Danube”, the Silver and the Tzar’s Mountain, and, of course, into the very home of the Slavic gods! Soon enough you’ll find yourself wanting to visit them. All of them!

With dreamy landscapes, diverse flora and fauna, valuable historic, cultural and natural monuments and breathtaking views of untouched nature, these places show the very best of Serbia’s natural beauty.

Fruska gora

Between the Danube and the Sava rivers, spreading across 80 km of landscapes of unbelievable beauty, stands the first of Serbia’s five national parks. Once an island of the Pannonian sea, the Fruska gora national park is a truly special place everyone has to visit at least once. Apart from charming villages, meadows and lakes, Fruska gora also has dense forest inhabited by deer, boars and other wildlife, thus being a perfect place for those who wish to relax in nature or for those who enjoy hiking, cycling, orienteering, etc. Fruska gora is also known as the Serbian “Mount Athos”.

Djerdap National Park

Located on the right shore of the Danube river, the Djerdap national park with its surface of 636 sq km is the biggest national park in Serbia. It got its name after the most beautiful and most prominent gorge along the entire watercourse of Danube. The Djerdap gorge is one of the largest gorges of Europe and, amazingly enough, consists of 4 gorges and 3 ravines, each of which will take your breath away the moment you set your eyes on them.

Kopaonik National Park
Mt. Kopaonik, called also “the Silver Mountain” by the Romans, Turks and Venetians because of its abundance in mineral resources, is the biggest mountain range in Serbia. However, this 80 km long and in one point 40 km wide mountain has another name – “the Sunny Mountain” due to the 200 sunny days which it is blessed with each year. Only one part of this magnificent mountain giant has been proclaimed the Kopaonik National Park. Yet this surface was quite enough to make a tourist paradise.

With more than 160 days of snow, a developed tourist centre, modern hotels, 24 ski-lifts and over 70 km of ski slopes, Kopaonik is the most popular ski-resort in Serbia. Apart from attracting skiers, this place has a lot to offer to nature lovers as one section of the mountain is a protected zone of the National Park Kopaonik.
 Tara National Park
Surely one of the most beautiful places in not only Serbia but the whole world is the Tara National Park. Located in Western Serbia, this 220 sq km kingdom of untouched nature with mt. Tara as its queen, wins the hearts of all those who set foot on it. And how could it not? If its diverse dreamy landscapes covered in dense forests, fragrant meadows and charming mountain villages aren’t enough, Tara’s mesmerizing lakes and stunning views will be.

Sar Mountain National Park
The impressive and massive Sar mountain, located in the very south of Serbia, is the beginning of a separate mountain range of the Dinaric Alps and the gigantic natural border between Macedonia and Serbia. The Sar Mountain National Park is a proper example of the beauty of  untouched nature with more than 1500 plants species 20% of which are endemic and rare to the Balkans. Add to that over 200 birds, plenty of animal species and 147 butterfly species of extraordinary beauty it is easy to understand why it is considered to be an important ecological centre for the biodiversity in the central Balkans.