Oxana had fun at BSS 2010

Our 2010 scholarship winner Oxana Gladysheva said about BSS :

     "It was my first visit to Serbia. Being on the way to this country I was full of enthusiasm about the culture, traditions, history of this state and surely expected to perfect my English. Usually I try to be guided by the rule : “to kill two birds with one stone”, so the Belgrade summer school became for me the place to improve my English, at the same time I had a chance to network with people from different cities and countries, make new friends, and visit famous sites of the capital-Belgrade.

Social program was amazing! One day excursion to Novi Sad, bicycling around the lake in a sunny day in Ada Ciganlija- this is a bright spot in the memories about Serbia. A Trip to the Royal Courts- a posh residence of monarchs – attracted my attention by Byzantine style in exterior. The church of St.Sava- the top of which I could see from any corner of the city. Follow my example and send post cards to your family and friends from the Serbian “Пошта” (Post office)! Belgrade Fortress - in the day time it is a very peaceful place where you feel reassured and where you can do your homework, in the evening this is a place of rock concerts, night long walks, photo exhibitions and so on. Be sure that many other breathtaking places in the social program of the school are waiting for you!

Many places of the city became familiar to me. Significant to note the people-Belgrade citizens - are friendly, they are ready to help you and put a finger on the place which you are seeking.

Two weeks of studying in the Belgrade Summer School passed very quickly, but it was enough to enjoy the city's charm and strengthen the knowledge in English. The Belgrade summer school in the face of my  English teacher Timothy Johnston ,  manager Ana Bastianoni and  director Slavica Stamenovic  have motivated me  to work on and get the necessary results in the future. They are sincere, open minded people with whom I stay in touch up to now.

The Belgrade summer school was a brilliant start up for me, because it greatly assisted me to get a high score of iBT TOEFL. So now I can continue my education at the Master’s degree abroad.

I’m full of awe-inspiriting emotions about Serbia and get butterflies in my stomach when I speak about my valuable experience in the Belgrade summer school.

Let Serbia change your life as she has changed mine. Visit Serbia! Join the Belgrade summer school!"